A Failed Biological test has Infected your team. A painful death is certain unless you can find the Antidote. Only 60 minutes remain.

Texas Gold

Remembering stories, as a child, of the old family cabin and the treasures that the land held. You now have 60 minutes in a last ditch effort to find the family treasures.

The Witches Brew

A Spell is Cast

You have 60 Minutes

Before You Croak!


Santa has added your name to the Naughty List. Now at the North Pole, you have 60 minutes to find the list, remove your names and escape before the Elves find you.


The launch countdown has started. Only your team stands between the world and complete annihilation.

Coming Soon

Since 1993

The Next Generation of Escape Rooms

Often referred to as Generation 2 and 3 Escape Rooms. These escape games offer a level of realism and depth that lock based escape rooms cannot offer. Not that lock based Escape Rooms are bad. If well designed they can be great escapes. But with today's technology we can provide a more immersive environment with complex puzzles and props to enhance your escape experience.

Mission Escape combines that high tech with exciting Mission based scenarios.

Dedicated Game-Masters

Here at Mission Escape, our goal is for you to have the most exciting experience possible. One of the ways we insure this is to have a dedicated Game-master for each room/group. The game-master will assist you with check-in, brief you on your mission and monitor your progress throughout your game.  Our control room provides the game-master with audio and video monitoring of the room. Hints can be requested by just clearly asking for a one.

Ask before you book. We've been to Escape Rooms with as few as one game-master struggling to work multiple rooms simultaneously. Hints were not guaranteed or very timely delivered, and the experience suffered greatly.




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